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I am an Atkins lifer. That means, I am consistently on the Atkins diet also known as a low-carbohydrate diet. Low-carb diets have steadily grown in popularity and many restaurants and fast food places have learned not only to accommodate for this diet but to offer choices specifically designed for the low-carber. But not the River Cafe Coffee Shop at the Virgin River Hotel & Casino in Mesquite, Nevada.

I stopped there early Monday morning (August,10,2015) about 12:30 am to order some hamburger patties with bacon. $46.96 for 4 cheeseburger patties with grilled onions, mushrooms and bacon. When I complained and asked why it was so expensive, the supervisor (a young woman) told me that they HAD to charge me for the entire bacon cheeseburger meal even though I would be getting no fries or hamburger buns. She also informed me that there was no button on their cash register for single cheeseburger patties. ($46.00 means each Bacon Cheeseburger meal was approximately $11.00! The River Cafe is not a steak house.) I had already promised dinner to a friend and decided to pay the outrageous price.

The bacon, mushroom cheeseburgers were very good but they still were not worth $46.00! I find it hard to believe that their cash register does not have a miscellaneous button that can be used for charging things like extra bread, single patties and side orders.

Why not try to accommodate the customer? The supervisor acted like there was NOTHING she could possibly do for me. I basically paid for something that I did not get. Next time I will get the fries and the hamburger buns and feed the birds with them. Shame on you, Virgin River! Update your cash registers, and train your employees to accommodate the customer.

That is the last time I eat at the Virgin River Cafe.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Mesa, Arizona, United States #1018628

Or just don't eat there since it is you that wants something they do not provide. They have a set menu, and I am sure they can make certain changes, but when you want the meal and have it customized, just like BK, you're gonna pay the same price to have it your way.

to SatelliteFan #1018741

That's true. Why go back to a store if they treat you poorly?

Just don't shop there anymore. Why use the same product again if you don't like it? Just buy something different. Why employ the same service?

Just hire someone different next time. What's the point in complaining? Why even have a website designed to hear people's complaints and thereby attempt to improve the consumer world? You could make the argument you left in your comment for 99% of the reviews on this site.

It's a silly argument is my point.

You are wrong about the customization too. You are comparing Burger King with an actual cafe. Fast food places often have food pre-made and compartmentalized for speedy service.

To request any customization would be a bigger chore for a fast food place than in a restaurant where most items are made fresh and they are used to people ordering food in specialized ways. A cafe's number one goal is not speedy service like that of a FAST food restaurant.

Also you are not considering tipping (that’s not a city in China). I would ask for customization at BK and no one would expect a tip but at a cafe the waitress and cooks live off of tips and I always tip for good service.

The price of an order at Burger King compared to a dinner at a cafe is very different. So, if I am paying lots more, I expect lots more. Have you ever heard BK's slogan? It's, "Have It Your Way!" It's not "Have It Your Way and Pay More for it!" I guess your views are different.

You must expect poorer service if you are paying more or less product for more money. Do you live on Mars?

There are only a few places to eat where I live and it would be nice to have a variety. Besides, the other casino cafes have accommodated me before without charging me an arm, so why can't the Virgin River?

Anyways, PissedConsumer and websites like it are providing an open environment for people to share their views and stories of poor customer service and fraud. I am informing people that if they choose to visit the Virgin River Cafe, they are not going to get much accommodation for special needs. What's wrong with that?

If you've got a stick up your butt or a vendetta against the world do me a favor and go stick your foot in your mouth on someone else's review please. Thanks.

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